Life – One Bite at A Time

During a hard week, this realization came to me. Hope is about a future that isn’t here yet. When life feels bigger than me, I can break it down to the moment in a bite size piece.   My guiding question of late is “what is the one next right thing I need to do” Sometimes …

On Advice

I had an OH SHIT  aha moment reading this article by Parker J. Palmer. If you like his quote, you’ll love his article.  Hell, you may even want to share it with a few friends 😉 xo, -the mess

The Gift of Compassion

  Our beauty and our mess go together.  They are simply parts of a whole, worthwhile, and lovable human being. The messy parts can bring pain and sorrow. But the mess brings the texture, depth, and richness to the story of our lives. It leaves behind the gift of compassion.  

A Letter to Myselves

Dear Little Me There are so many things I wish I could tell you that would change the course of the heartbreak in your life. I wish I could share wisdom with you (or even cram it down your throat) to help you avoid the days when the shadows are more prominent than the light. …