There are times when we just aren’t okay.

It doesn’t help knowing it will pass.

Counting our blessings doesn’t work in these moments either.

It’s more like one minute at a time than one day at a time.

Breathing may be the best you can do. (In fact it is really all you ever need to do.)

You don’t need to be fixed. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.

You are just going through a messy patch. You will find your way through it. You really always do.

Sometimes you need a hand to hold (or even one to give you a yank) when the path is dimly lit or dark.  That’s why I’m here. I finally figured out, rather than trying to get rid of the mess, I would be better served by learning to navigate it and letting it be my teacher.

That me in the red jammies. When I’m my messiest, Wilbur takes care of me.

I believe that inside every MESS are MESSages.

And yes.  Sometimes it take us ages to figure out (or even want to figure out) what the hell the MESSage is.


Because we are human.

We do things in our own time.  According to our own clock.

Unfortunately, we forget this and have a tendency to think we are running late or behind schedule.

Since you found your way here, I can only assume you are right on time. 😉



-the mess